● The tweeter made of rare earth neodymium iron boron magnets to provide strong driving force and control force for the speaker unit, minimizing the resonance of the vibration system. The lower electric Q value brings extraordinary sound quality effect, and the sound is pure and thorough. Titanium alloy diaphragm provides a higher level of sound quality for the entire sound system.

● A variety of coverage angle options: 100X10 degrees, 90x60 degrees, 60x40 degrees.

● 90x60 degrees, 60x40 degrees are square horns, horns can be rotated, suitable for various venues.

● The woofer adopts the ceramic 8 ferrite magnet with strong magnetic performance and symmetrical magnetic field design. The British imported drum paper adopts advanced drum paper press technology, which improves the rigidity of the drum paper and reduces the distortion caused by the segmentation movement.

● Cast aluminum alloy basin frame provides a more stable structure for the speaker unit, greatly reducing the vibration noise.

● The elastic wave adopts imported NOMEX material, which has a super memory function, effectively reduces the material fatigue, and provides more stable compliance andsymmetry.

● Adopt double demodulation aluminum short-circuit ring and voice coil mutual inductance to minimize current nonlinear distortion and voice coil inductance.

● Adopt magnetic field to stabilize aluminum ring, eliminate the magnetic field disturbance caused by voice coil vibration, and help reduce harmonic distortion.

● The advanced heat dissipation structure improves the power carrying capacity of 20% for the speaker unit, improves the heat dissipation efficiency under high power state, and reduces the compression power, enablingthe long-termworking function is more stable and consistent.


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